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Introducing a revolutionary way to acquire new customers automatically, make them stay and earn free publicity… all at once.



Here's What You Get With Us That You Don't Get Anywhere Else:


Valuable New Paying Customers – Guaranteed!

Your Featured Deal is only activated when the minimum number of customers buy the deal. These customers are not looking for a “cheap” deal. They’re looking for the best excuse to try something new. The™ offer will bring them through your door, and back into your premises again and again.


Measurable and Risk Free Marketing

With™, you know exactly how many visitors view your Featured Deal and exactly how many people buy your deal or click through to your website.



Massive Return on Investment

With other advertising methods, you pay a fee upfront and you never know how many customers you will get back in return. With a™ Feature, you get massive exposure for free and you only pay for the advertising cost when these visitors actually become paying customers by buying your Featured Deal.



Word-of-Mouth Marketing

These days, when someone sees an advertisement, they are very unlikely to act on it because there are just so many other ads and so many other options. However, when a friend recommends a great deal, you are more likely to act on that recommendation above any other form of traditional advertising. So how do you get people talking about your business?

With™, there are many in-built incentives for our thousands of site visitors to buy AND share their preferred deals with friends, and we make it easy for them to use social media sites like Facebook to do it. This leads to a huge amount of social sharing and social buzz all centered on your business.


Access to a Massive Advertising Budget

As a business owner, you are unlikely to spend over RM100,000 each month on advertising. But we will!

Through strategic tie-ups with top media owners in Malaysia,™ is able to secure over RM300,000 in advertising space per month from leading publications and websites like Juice Magazine and MSN Malaysia among others.


By becoming a™ Featured Merchant, you will benefit from this massive advertising exposure by being exclusively featured on the front page of our website.



How it Works


To enjoy all the benefits above, all you need to do is to offer a unique deal that is specifically designed to be attractive for your target market. This deal or offer should be so compelling that your prospective customer would be crazy to say “no” to. An example would be to offer between a 50% to a 90% discount off your normal retail price.™ will then create an attractive write up of your offer and feature your deal exclusively on our front page for a fixed duration. This offer will be seen by thousands (if not tens of thousands) of potential customers.


Here’s the catch: to enjoy the great offer, a minimum number of buyers is required. If the number of buyers does not reach the minimum, then the deal does not get activated. This mechanism ensures that interested customers will not only buy the deal but will share it with others. This is how we generate valuable word-of-mouth advertising for your business!


For example, if you own a restaurant and your specialty is a premium hamburger that is truly out of this world, you offer a deal that goes something like “RM10 for a Premium Burger worth RM30”. A burger connoisseur seeing this deal will buy it and tell their friends (who are likely to be burger lovers too) to also buy the deal so that they can activate the deal.


The result: you get hundreds (if not thousands) of new customers who are EXACTLY your target audience.


This same model applies whether you are a restaurant owner, a spa owner or if you own any lifestyle-related product or service.


Comparison Guide


When you compare the™ advertising model to traditional advertising media, the group-buying business model wins hands down.

The table below is self-explanatory:


Comparison Guide


We Only Win If You Win


There is no up-front cost to having your business being featured on™. In fact, we will never ask you for any payment at all. The risk of success rests on our marketing efforts for your business.™ will only take a small commission from the sale of each deal online. So we only win if we get you the minimum number of paying customers for each deal. There’s no risk to you at all.


How to Get Started


Getting started is easy. Just contact one of our™ business development consultants to walk you through the process step-by-step. Our team of trained consultants will take you through each stage of the process from formulating your offer, designing your featured deal and even helping you to turn your new customers into long-term “regulars”.


All our efforts are dedicated to helping you maximize your returns from your campaign with us.


So don’t wait, make an appointment with any of our friendly business development executives today! 



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