Sleeping Beauty Slimming Socks
1 Pair: Sleeping Beauty Slimming Socks


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An innovative slimming tool that relieves leg dropsy during night time with the Japanese designed Overnight Slimming Sock for a perfect pair of legs.

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A modern woman's demanding lifestyle can affect the wellbeing of her health and eventually it shows physically. Here's a pair of powerful high knee slimming socks that will secretly help you lose inches while you sleep, for firm legs and thighs effortlessly. Here’s the details:

  • Streches all the way from the sole to the thighs for a thorough and complete firming
  • Comfortable
  • Improves blood circulations
  • Free size (Stretchable)
  • Sock length: 74CM
  • Available in Black and Purple colour
  • Materials made by cotton and mesh kitted fabric
  • One pair for RM35 or two pairs for RM65

Usage instructions:

1. Wear stockings to sleep

2. Hold the stocking in rolled up form and slide your toes in

3. Slide it up to the ankle, positioning it correctly into your heel

4. Pull up and position the mesh part onto your knee. Ensure the stocking is not twisted

5. Pull the rest of the stocking up to the above knee level

Washing instruction:

1. Neutral detergent and hand wash only

2. After washing,  squeeze dry gently and place in a shady place to dry

3. Bleach or alkaline wash must be avoided or the fibre / colour will be damaged

4. Do not wash or dry in a washing machine


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