1 Piece Of Booty Enhancer
1 Piece Of Booty Enhancer


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Get those sexy bootilicious body shakin’ like J.Lo or Kim Kardashian with a Booty Enhancer and dress to the nines.

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Some of us dread putting on our favourite jeans or sexy dress due to the lack of curves on our body. And to some, having the ideal body proportion is key to high self-confidence. So why not get a little “help” in achieving that gorgeous bod’ with a Booty Enhancer. Here’s what it is all about:

  • Butt shaper panty
  • Anatomically shaped pads hidden between layers
  • Invisible and discreet
  • Colour: Beige or Black
  • Imported from Taiwan

Available in a variety of sizes:

  • Size: S (jeans size 25-27)
  • Size: M (jeans size 28-30)
  • Size: L (jeans size 31-32)


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  • May purchase and redeem multiple certificates per person
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  • Free delivery to anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia. Additional RM5 to East Malaysia
  • Goods sold are not refundable or exchangeable
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1 Piece Of Booty Enhancer

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