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The state of our health is dependant to the things we consume, breath or even surrounded with, and water is definitely one of the most important substances of all! Get Okapure Water Disinfector from Okamizu to achieve better health vitality and lead a more fulfilled life today.

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If you're concerned about the health of your family, then having pure clean water is a good way to start. As water made up of about 75% of our body weight, so consumption of pollutant free water is important in having a good bodily function. Made from Oka-Micro Hydraulic Technology that generate self electricity to produce ozone, this water disinfector helps in removing harmful substance from the water up to 99%. And with an Advance Japanese patented technology proven by Korea and Japan laboratory, this deal is definitely made purely for health enthusiast. Here's what you'll need to get a clean bil of health:


  • No chemical additives
  • Preserves the water's taste and quality
  • Retain minerals  in the water
  • Continuous supply of natural super oxygen
  • Effective against virus and bacteria
  • Remove unwanted odors and organic chemical substances
  • No water retention that can be a breeding for bacteria
  • Multiple daily chores usage of OkaPure


  • Oka-Micro Hydraulic Technology  - self generated electricity using state of the art patented technology from Japan
  • Chemical Free Disinfectant
  • Maintenance free
  • No filter replacement


  • Portable – Can be used at anywhere anytime
  • Easy to use
  • Simple installation
  • Safe to use – no wiring/cable
  • Save electricity bill
  • Affordable and value for money


  • One year 1 to 1 exchange warranty
  • Direct import from Japan
  • Quality assured
  • Japan & Korea laboratory certified
  • International CE standard Compliance


Kitchen, bathroom, garden, restaurant, kindergarten, hotels, offices, event halls, canteen, homes, religious centre and many more.


Disinfectant Purpose

  • Hand washing
  • Detoxify farm chemicals and remove pesticides bacteria from surface of vegetables, meat and seafood.
  • Utensils, dishes & kitchen counter cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Floor cleaning
  • Sanitize toiletries, baby bottles and toys.

 Oxygen Rich

  • Endless supply of oxygen water
  • Hand, Mouth and throat wash.
  • Watering flowers and plants (grow better & fresher)
  • Ideal for aquarium


  • Skin cleansing (eliminate pimples)
  • Disinfecting properties, relieves dry, itchy skin and prevent skin disease such as fungus infection
  • Ozone spa
  • Athletes foot


  • For more information, please refer to "The Fine Print" tab
    • May purchase and redeem multiple certificates per person
    • Redeemable on Monday to Friday (10am-6pm)
    • Self-collect and delivery options available
    • Self-collect from Bandar Sri Damansara office
    • Free delivery is available for Peninsular Malaysia. RM20 delivery charge applies for East Malaysia
    • Goods sold exchangeable upon condition
  • See Universal Fine Print
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