Reshaping and Slimming Tummy Trimmer Girdle
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Get into shape with a tummy trimmer girdle that will help slim and shape up your body without the use of medication. Made from nylon and spandex, it has no side effects and is suitable for daily use.

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Banish that unsightly flab and get into shape with minimal effort. No, we’re not talking about pills and hunger diet plans, we’re talking about today’s fantastic deal:

  • A reshaping and slimming tummy trimmer girdle
  • Helps shape up your abdomen and hips without side effect
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Can be used after giving birth as there aren’t any side effects of intense pressure
  • Helps with reducing menstrual cramps
  • Can be used during vigorous activities such as sports
  • Suitable for daily uses
  • Helps maintain good posture and reduces backaches


  • Colour: black or beige
  • Waist line: 95cm and below
  • Size: free size
  • Care: hand wash only
  • Material: 90% nylon and 10% spandex


  • For more information, please refer to "The Fine Print" tab
  • May purchase and redeem  multiple certificates, including as gifts
  • Kindly fill in your personal particulars upon purchase
  • Free delivery is available for Peninsular Malaysia.
  • RM5 delivery charges apply for East Malaysia to be banked in to the merchant. Please email for banking details with the title EAST MALAYSIA POSTAGE
  • Redemptions and reservations are not required for delivery to Peninsula Malaysia
  • Delivery takes starts 14 working days after the deal close
  • Restocking takes 21 days
  • For enquiries, call Asia Venus Marketing at 03-3341 6629 or email
  • This product is exchangeable on condition
  • See Universal Fine Print
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Reshaping and Slimming Tummy Trimmer Girdle

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