2 Sets Belly and Leg Body Sculpting Band
2 Sets Belly and Leg Body Sculpting Band


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Sculpt your body into the ideal figure with this Belly and Leg Body Sculpting Band.

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Tummies and thighs are notorious for being the hardest areas to slim down. What can you do when gym sessions just cannot target that specific area? Get a product that does the job for you! With this body sculpting band, slimming down targeted areas would not be a problem anymore. Here is what the deal offers:

  • 2 sets of belly and leg body sculpting band
  • Material: Elastic PVC with excellent adhesion
  • Targeted at belly and leg area
  • Shapes and slims area by speeding up sweating process
  • Will not fall off even while moving
  • Easy to use, can be cleaned and reused
  • Use with other products such as massage creams and essential oils to increase product effectiveness
  • Stop using if there is skin inflammation
  • Do not use if it is not suitable for your skin
  • Do not store near high temperature areas

Each set contains:

  • 1 x waist band (60cm-80cm)
  • 1 pair x leg band (10 x 230cm)


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2 Sets Belly and Leg Body Sculpting Band

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