Alpha Gel Bovine Collagen
Alpha Gen Bovine Collagen


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Joint pain, back pain or other degenerative disk. It's all about cartilage and collagen. Urgent call for elderly, smokers and osteoarthritis

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Bovine collagen is a natural occurring substance that is extracted from the skin, muscles, bones and tendons of cows. Next to water, collagen is the most important structural substance in your body and is important in strengthening bones, repairing the wear and tear in joint cartilage as well as tightening and smoothening your skin. Turn back time and reverse the aging of your body with this deal:

  • 2 Boxes of Alpha Gel Collagen (100gm/box)
  • The only bovine collagen that is certified halal (issued by Majlis Ulama Indonesia)
  • Water soluble powder mix
  • Wear and tear on joint cartilage is the major cause of osteoarthritis. Collagen helps prevent osteoarthritis
  • Improves:
    • Weight loss
    • Bone and connective tissue
    • Skin appearance
    • Optimal body growth and repair
    • Metabolism elevation of growth hormone secretion
    • Fat loss
    • Muscle retention
    • Energy level
    • Softness and elasticity of the skin
    • Sleep
    • Healing, especially for wounds
  • Suggested dosage: 10g of collagen hydrolysate daily for at least 3 months, and afterwards a maintenance dose taken every other day
  • Can be taken with medication and has no contraindications or known side effects due to it being a food and not a pharmaceutical product
  • More information provided below or click here

The first and only collagen in Indonesia that use local raw beef bones, use high technology, from slaughtering cows, treatment of bone and the collagen production. Halal guaranteed Majlis Ulama Indonesia.

Your ligaments, tendons, bones and skeletal muscles are all held together by collagen, as well as by smooth muscle tissue like your blood vessels, digestive tract and organs. It is even the main component of your hair, skin and nails.

Bones with sufficient collagen are like steel, strong and elastic. Bones lacking in collagen are like dry, brittle wood, easily broken. Prescription drugs for osteoporosis slow down the loss of bone mass by suppressing bone metabolism. The dead bone mass and old collagen "saved" by the drugs take up all the space that would have been filled up by new bone mass and new collagen. That's why there are so many reports that osteoporosis drugs such as Fosamax, Actonel, and Evista actually made bones more brittle and that people who were treated with these drugs tend to suffer more bone fractures.

Wear and tear on joint cartilage is the major cause of osteoarthritis.

Collagen makes up 95% of joint cartilage. The more collagen there is in the joints, the less chance is there for the development of osteoarthritis.

To prevent osteoarthritis, then, we need a way of speeding up collagen production, to help the repair collagen structures in a safe (and preferably natural) way.

Collagen for Skin Hair and Nails

As we age, our body loses its ability to make collagen, thus, it starts to break down. This is why our skin sags and wrinkles: hair becomes thinner, dull, or lifeless; our joints are stiffer and less flexible; and we have softer,less tone bodies.

Bovine collagen therapy is generally used to fill in skin depressions resulting from scars, injury or the lines we all acquire in the aging process. Most often, bovine collagen is used for frown and worry lines as well as crow's feet and deep smile lines.

Supplementing with collagen protein is believed to provide the body with the amino acids necessary to manufacture and support collagen. Without healthy collagen, our bodies virtually fall apart as we age.

Much different from other protein sources, bovine collagen protein contains a unique combination and ration of high-nitrogen amino acids (protein), most importantly, glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine. They have been shown to influence:

  • Weight Loss
  • Bone and Connective Tissues
  • Improvement of Skin Appearance
  • Optimal Body Growth and Repair
  • Improved Metabolism Elevation of Growth Hormone Secretion which affects:
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Retention,
  • Energy Level
  • Softness and Elasticity of the Skin
  • Improved Sleep
  • Healing ( specially for wounds) 

CV. Multi Ekstraksi Indonesia, established in 2006, is the first and only company in Indonesia that produces Collagen and Gelatin. Our factory location is in Pandaan, Pasuruan, East Java. C.V. Multi Ekstraksi Indonesia obtains a Halal Certificate from LP-POM MUI (The Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs, and Cosmetics Indonesian Council of Ulama)


  • Certificate valid from 20 Jul 2012 to 10 Aug 2012
  • For more information, please refer to "The Fine Print" tab
  • Certificate valid from 20 Jul 2012 to 10 Aug 2012
  • May purchase and redeem multiple certificates, including as gifts
  • Free delivery nationwide
  • To redeem, email with your certificate number, name, contact and delivery address
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