Smooth Legs Hair Removal Exfoliator
1 Unit: Smooth Legs Hair Removal Exfoliator


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Forget painful waxing or shaving, Smooth Legs Hair Removal Exfoliator does away with unwanted hair effortlessly.

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Been eyeing that lovely skirt, but don’t have the legs to go for it? Hair removal won’t be a problem now with this hair removal exfoliator. Hassle-free hair removal and it’s not just the legs that benefit. Here is what the offer has:

  • 1 large backing pad
  • 1 small backing pad
  • 5 large crystal pads
  • 5 small crystal pads
  • 1 travel case
  • Large pads are recommended for wide areas such as arms, legs, underarms, back and chest
  • Small pads are recommended for chin, upper lip, bikini line, fingers and toes
  • Pain-free and keeps your skin hair-free for up to 3 weeks
  • Gentle buffing action removes hair and exfoliation renews skin, leaving it a youthful glow
  • Purchase 3 units and get 1 unit absolutely free


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Smooth Legs Hair Removal Exfoliator

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Smooth Legs Hair Removal Exfoliator

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