A Self-Defense Set: A Pepper spray ( Technologies of USA ) & A Personal Alarm
Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm Set


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Protect yourself from undesirable situations with this set of pepper spray and personal alarm.

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Crime is on the rise and you don’t want to be caught without any preventive measures. It’s not just the authority’s responsibility; it’s also your own duty to keep yourself safe. Protect yourself with a pepper spray and a personal alarm to call for help whenever you need it. Here is what the deal offers:

  • A Personal Safety Sets
  • Each set contains a keychain pepper spray and a personal alarm

 Pepper Spray With Holster

  • Capacity: 15ml
  • Dimension: 20mm (diameter) x 100mm (height)
  • Weight: 37g
  • Causes temporary blindness, choking, cough and nausea
  • Use ONLY when you are 100% sure you are threatened
  • Delivers a strong potent blast up to 10-20 feet
  • Quick and simple to operate
  • Uses technology of USA
  • Available in gold color

Guardian Angel self-protection alarm

  • Size: 30 x 80 x 18 mm (alarm), 60mm (Strap)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight : 27g
  • Volume: 90db
  • Battery: 3 x AG13 Button battery
  • Cute design, small and lightweight
  • Metal pull pin with lanyard for attachment to bag, purse or mobile phone
  • Can be used by children in case they get lost
  • Can be used by elderlies in case of emergencies
  • Use it to alert surrounding for help and scare away stalkers
  • Available in pink and blue


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A Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm Set

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