5 Bugslock Anti-Mosquito Bracelets
5 Pieces Of Bugslock Anti-Mosquito Bracelets


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5 pieces of Bugslock Anti-Mosquito Bracelets to help repel mosquitoes. Made in Korea, its effective for up to 240 hours and is non-toxic - can be used by adults, children and babies.

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The perfect serenity and tranquillity of the great outdoors is often ruined when a swarm of pesky mosquitoes decide to turn your leisure time into a nightmare. We want to give you some peace of mind with:

  • 5 Pieces of Bugslock Anti-Mosquito Bracelets
  • Wristbands that help repel mosquitoes
  • Made in Korea
  • Contains the active ingredient of 100% citronella essential oil and 70% ultra-micro fibre
  • Effective for up to 240 hours when kept in a sealable pouch
  • Perfect for both adults and children
  • Non-toxic, therefore it is safe for children and babies
  • Will fit on wrist or ankle with circumference of up to 25cm with a button to adjust the size
  • Designed for human protection against disease-carrying mosquitoes
  • Can be used on the wrist, ankle, or through a belt loop or bag strap
  • Convenient and easy to carry
  • Best used for any outdoor or indoor activities
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5 Pieces Of Bugslock Anti-Mosquito Bracelets

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