Zeal Collagen With 5000mg of Marine Collagen (15 Sachets X 8g)
Zeal Collagen With 5000mg of Marine Collagen (15 Sachets X 8g)


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15 sachets x 8g of Zeal Collagen, which includes 5000mg of Marine Collagen which moisturizes and whitens skin while improving skin elasticity and firmness.

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Great skin doesn’t come without hard work, but today we’re getting you something that will be the exact opposite. In fact, all you have to do is sit back and relax with this:

  • Zeal Collagen – 5000mg of Marine Collagen
  • 15 sachets x 8g
  • Moisturizes and whitens skin
  • Improves skin elasticity and firmness
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Reduces joint discomfort
  • Anti-aging properties

Characteristics of Marine Collagen

  • Low molecular weight around 1000 Dalton
  • Modern enzymatic hydrolysis technology
  • High absorption rate
  • Fat and cholesterol free
  • Certified Halal


  • For more information, please refer to "The Fine Print" tab
  • May purchase and redeem multiple certificates, including as gifts
  • Free delivery to anywhere in Malaysia
  •  Email your name, contact, address and certificate number(s) to sales@astazeal.com (make sure your details are correct) 
  • Allow 3 business days for confirmation email of your details 
  • Allow 14 business days for delivery
  • Goods sold are not refundable / exchangeable
  • Date of manufacture: March 2012
  • Expiry date: March 2014
  • See Universal Fine Print
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Zeal Collagen With 5000mg of Marine Collagen (15 Sachets X 8g)

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